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Here’s How…

I’m going to give you numbers of homeowners eager to sell.

When you add this to my cold calling course, your results will skyrocket.

Our skip tracing has a 70% accuracy rate. This has been proven by our
cold calling division from over 3 million calls they’ve made.

This means we can get you the right person on the phone 70% of the time.
Don’t take my word for it.


Here’s What My Clients Have to Say…

Get the Numbers of Hot Leads Within 24 Hours

What’s more, 90% of our skip traces get completed the same day within

hours of it even being ordered.So you won’t have to wait for it. You’re gonna get it within 24 hours max.

Most of the time, it’s by the very next morning the latest.

Get the Best Number and Save Time and Effort

Some of our competitors offer five to 10 phone numbers and a lot of investors think that this information serves them.

However, the reality is this increases their marketing costs, while almost doing nothing to their return on investment.

All you have is more numbers to sift through. Not more leads to call. And that is a common misconception.

At Lead Mining we give you one best number.

This means we slice through the confusion and give you the best opportunity possible to get the right person on the phone, which is exactly what you need to put my cold calling course into full effect

Just 6 Cents Per Record

This skip tracing service is normally 7 cents per record. This is the price you can find on my website right now.

However, since you just bought our cold calling course, I’m offering it to you at a one-time only rate of only 6 cents per record.

No minimums. No maximums. No contingencies.

I don’t care if it’s 10 records, I don’t care if it’s 50,000. This means we can skip trace 1,000 records for you for only $60.

We’re going to give you this 15% discount across the board.

You know these numbers really add up.

Let’s say we discounted 1 cent for every 10,000 records.

That is a hundred dollars in savings on our price.We’re already the least expensive skip tracing company in the nation.And on top of that,

I’m discounting it even more to make sure you have a great headstart against your competition in the real estate niche.

Your competitors are out there working every day. Our skip tracing plus the cold calling course will give you everything you need to get ahead of them.

However, to get your list skip traced at only
6 cents a number, you have to act now.